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hello i am making a sprite parody movie  it will be going through several different cartoon and video game worlds.

heres a small part of the story line: while investigating  a new base built by both slade and brother blood now in an aliance raven comes across a boy and a strange creature under attack by very strange robots. now she must journy with this boy  in an adventure across universes to unlock a mystery  far greater then any other she has  experianced fighting new enemys as well as old in this action adventure comedy.

i require an animater or several able to do intense action sequences and dont mind dialoge scenes hopfully one that can also do a basic menu with play and scene select buttons.

as well i will need spriters you will be required to produce  high quality sprites or to edit existing sprites  for what the storyline requires. as i am going to be going through several game worlds i am open to the use of  origanal characters so long as they fit in that world and are interesting.... and are not  mary sue.

 i am also open to suggestions for which  video game and cartoon worlds will be visited please keep in mind i will use them only if 1. spriters can actually do the required characters and 2. it can fit into the storyline with out it feeling shoehorned. but otherwise all suggestions will be considered even the use of flash cartoons and indie games  and very obscure titles.

current roaster of games and cartoon worlds to visit are

teen titans
megaman main continuity
megaman exe
mischief makers

if interested please contact me with your prices in points


a robot demon from the future
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so recently i have been getting into dan nortons art he is a consept artist and the art director for the recent reboot for thunder cats and i must say i am incredably impressed with his art. i think it was the best part of that cartoon his designs really took it to another level.

i really wish i could like hire him but i dont think he even logs into his deviant art account  any more it hasent been updated in years if anybody knows how to commission him please tell  me. 

my personal opinion  of that reboot was good not great despite no major problems it could done better ... exept for the art that was perfect. my main problum was most of the episodes felt like well filler even episodes important to the story line had alot of internal filler. although i did like a fair amount of them. it always felt like each episode was trying to build to a climax that they dident have time  for because they took to long building up to  it leaving it very unsatisfying.

 aside from the internal problums  in the episodes there were many problums with the seasonal type story line individual episodes only loosly fit togather. as well the seasonal story line  suffered from a reverse problum to the episodes there wasent enough build up to the seasons final battle  leaving a feeling that it was just tacted in there cause  they had to put such a thing in at some point.

the supporting villens were also quite weak although people kept saying alot of them were strong the evidence to the contrary can be seen in every episode. the biggest offenders were mum ras army they were able to topple the thundarian army. but agenst lion-o's team there defeated in enormous quantity's quite quickly and i dont mean just one or to i mean like almost all of them and they had dozens of heavily armed robot suits lion-o had 1 under armed tank.

the biggest problum i saw was how they screwed up  the enemy of the weak format which is pretty tough but they did it. the enemys were usually pretty weak and had next to nothing to do with mum ra there were exeptions but usually it was just a random guy they bumped into.given mum ra has the ability to raise the dead and has  evil robots they could have had a few more monsters like that to make up for his weak army. but no this only came up once or twice.

if anyone would like to comment on  my veiws please do so  i do love a good back forth about these things just keep it civil

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